What Is a Country Kitchen?

what is a country kitchen

The key elements of a country kitchen are open storage and natural materials in the front and centre. Open shelves can serve as a display area for decorative pitchers and colorful serving pieces, while closed cabinets offer a more formal version of the style. To learn more about the features of a country kitchen, keep reading. Here are some tips for achieving this look. Open storage, Warm hues, and natural stone surfaces are just a few of the key elements.

Natural materials are at the front and centre of a country kitchen

Country kitchens feature traditional handcrafted furniture and accessories. Though a country kitchen style requires a few reinventions, the look and feel of a traditional country kitchen is distinctly warm and inviting. Kathy Hoffman, interior designer with the Chicago-based Susan Fredman Design Group, gives us some tips on how to decorate your kitchen with country style. She says, “Country kitchens should be rustic, but not overly so,”

A country kitchen is typically oversized, with ample room for cooking and eating. Many homeowners dream of a large, open floor plan in their kitchens, and a country kitchen fulfills that desire perfectly. In addition to traditional kitchen appliances, country kitchens are also full of antique details and patterning. Moreover, a country kitchen is reminiscent of a country farmhouse, which traditionally has a huge island in the middle.

Natural stone is a good surface choice for a country kitchen

There are many variations of natural stone, and it can be tough to choose the right one for your country kitchen. Common finishes include polished, honed, and flamed. Honed finishes give your countertop a polished, glossy look, while tumbled finishes have a matte look. Both types can look great in a country kitchen, but be sure to consider the functionality and durability of your chosen material.

If you are choosing a white countertop, granite is a great choice. This type of stone is stain-resistant and won’t absorb any dark liquids. The Fantasy White design has a subtle silver undertone, while the Princess White is speckled with a greyish tint. When choosing a natural stone, make sure to see the slabs in person before you make a final decision. Often, the color you see in a showroom doesn’t match the slabs you see in person. Make sure you know how you’ll cope with these differences before you buy the stone.

Open storage

Having open storage in your kitchen makes a great design feature. You can place items at varying heights to accommodate the different types of storage. Using high open storage allows you to keep the crockery out of the reach of children, while low-level open storage is good for keeping cookbooks out of the reach of curious toddler fingers. Open storage looks great when it is centred over the sink. Open shelving also looks great arranged symmetrically.

Warm hues

Warm hues work well in a country kitchen. Cream and red are both classic country colour combinations and look good with stone worktops and natural woods. Greens and blues work well with white, but only if the white is not stark and bare. Savanna green, for instance, is both earthy and warm and works well with cream. And terracotta tiles add depth to the room.

Adding touches of red to a country kitchen can add warmth and coziness. This rich color is a warm neutral and compliments many other colors. It provides the perfect backdrop for greens and gilded frames. To counteract the warmth of this color, use white furnishings throughout the room. And if you really want to go bold, try a terracotta floor with a splash of red!

Decorative accents

You can add bright splashes of color to a country kitchen with high-quality modern lighting fixtures. Beautiful lamps and lanterns can add style to a room. Hanging lamps with long cords are also excellent accents. Choose light-colored bulbs with a warm yellowish hue for a country-inspired look. Then, select decorative items and accessories that complement those accents. Listed below are some ideas for adding accents to a country kitchen.

A country-themed kitchen is not complete without patterns. Traditional country patterns include plaid, gingham, floral, paisley, and farm animal prints. These elements can be used in kitchen towels, window curtains, and backsplash wallpaper. If you’d like a more authentic country look, try antique decor. Antique elements have a rustic charm and will mesh with the distressed wood in your kitchen. You can even incorporate some of your favorite country-style items, such as a reclaimed barn star or metal sentiment signs.


When designing a country kitchen, keep in mind the practicality of the space. Traditionally, the kitchen is a central place where food is prepared, meals are served and family meals are shared. Whether you have a period home or a modern, city apartment, a country kitchen can bring together the two. Its cosy ambience is a place that people gravitate toward, and you’ll want guests to feel welcome.