How to Build a Trex Deck

how to build a trex deck

Before you start building your deck, you should install some breaker boards and railing. Afterwards, you can mount a trough and railing if you wish. These are just a few of the steps in the process of building a trex deck. Here are some other helpful hints for building a deck using trex decking materials. These tips will make your construction easier and faster.

Installing a breaker board

You should install a breaker board when building a Trex deck. This board will keep the boards safe when they are wet, and it will help to distinguish different parts of the deck. It is important to check the tolerances of your boards before you install them, as you may need to cut them slightly before you install them. A breaker board will also add dimension to your design and will help to distinguish different areas. The advantage of installing a breaker board is that you do not have to butt the boards together. To properly install a breaker board, you should align the boards from the middle so that expansion can occur between them.

Using a breaker board is a popular way to install composite decking. They control expansion and contraction and prevent decking from expanding. If you want to avoid butt joints, you can choose to use a breaker board on the smallest length of your deck. Several styles are available. Choose the style and type that works best for your deck design. For example, you can install a breaker board on the side of the smallest boards and have the rest of the decking installed along the breaker board. If you want to install a breaker board on the other side of the longest board, you can place the boards side by side.

Installing a railing

Before installing a railing on your Trex deck, you should first determine the spacing between the posts and the decking planks. Trex recommends spacing posts 6 or 8 feet apart. After measuring the distance, mark the location of the railing support brackets and baluster spacers and cut the railings to fit the spacing. Also, measure the angle you will cut the railing at, if necessary.

When installing a railing, you should remember that some models require that a support piece be installed between the rail and the deck. Then, you should install the railing panels, which are typically attached to the posts using screws. Then, attach the railing brackets to the posts and balusters. After you have completed this step, you can begin painting the railing. Remember that a coat of paint protects steel railings from rust, but you need to be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions to avoid splinters.

Installing a trough

A trough is an effective way to catch water and keep it from dripping onto your trex deck. These troughs come with butyl tape to adhere them to the deck. When installing a trough, make sure to keep the tape flat and smooth, and to staple the panel into place every six to eight inches. You can also use butyl caulk to keep the trough securely fastened in place.

Troughs can be made of light-gauge EPDM, a synthetic rubber that is commonly used in roofing. This material is UV-resistant, durable, and easy to work with. Roofing felt is difficult to form into a trough and is prone to tearing. However, new waterproof synthetic roofing underlayments are a cheaper alternative to EPDM, and they have also stood up to the test of time.

Building a trex deck

Whether you are renovating an old wooden deck or building a new one, building a trex deck is an excellent option. A Trex deck lasts about 25 years and requires minimal maintenance. If you’re building a deck from scratch, you may want to consider getting a professional deck builder to help you. It’s important to find a builder who has experience with this material because not every builder has the skills and knowledge needed to create a beautiful deck.

While a trex deck is a relatively easy project, you may want to consider the following factors before you start. First, ensure that you have a reliable team that can complete the job quickly. Make sure you have the necessary equipment to complete the project on time. You should also have the necessary permits and plans. It’s important to consider the type of materials you’ll use when comparing different materials. While you may want to go for a cheaper option, a trex deck may be a better option if you plan to use a high-end product.

Care and maintenance of trex decking

Trex decking is designed to be low-maintenance and durable. However, there are some things that you must do to keep your deck looking its best. You should regularly clean your deck to prevent caked-on dirt from turning into stains and mold. To keep your Trex deck looking great, you should clean it once or twice a year. You should avoid using any solvents or abrasive cleaners on it.

Firstly, do not leave food and beverage stains for longer than seven days. Grease and oil can leave a stain on your deck, so you should clean them as soon as possible. To remove grease and oil, you can use a soap and water solution. Do not use pressure washers on your Trex decking, however. A broom with soft bristles will do the trick. If you accidentally spill something on your deck, don’t leave it there – it will permanently stain the surface.